be the boss


New team member, no problem! Adding a new employee is easy. Just fill in their information, give them a login, and you’re done! Takes less than one minute - talk about efficiency.

give access


Once your new team member is all set up, give them access to parts of your website you want. Select the pages you want them to have access to and none you dont. New promotion? Editing access is a breeze too.

Effectively overseeing a team can present challenges, yet with the sophisticated employee management solution offered by Virtual Business 360, assuming leadership becomes effortless. Instantly generate new employee profiles and grant tailored access permissions to designated areas of your platform. Empower your sales team with access to customer databases and leads, while restricting financial data solely to the accounting department. Adjust access privileges swiftly to accommodate promotions or expanded responsibilities, with a simple click of a button. Simplify your managerial duties with unparalleled ease and efficiency.